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Let me lift you up. You know you deserve to shine!

Most of my clients reach out to me because they: 

  • Want to feel more appreciated in their personal and professional relationships 
  • Desire to have less stress and more support at work and at home 
  • Deserve to be a priority for their spouse and be respected by their colleagues

What my clients most appreciate about me? The fact that I help them get clear on their goals, give them the "how" - the tools to achieve their goals, hold them accountable so they do not get lost and stuck along the way, and support them and inspire them to push forward and achieve what they desire quickly. 

If you are a high achieving, perfectionist, who knows there is way more desire, love and passion for you, then I am here to coach you and team up with you to make all that possible. You know you are worthy of love, passionate kisses, daily appreciation... but you have settled for mediocre love live, being unnoticed, always put last, never a priority. 

To the outside world, you look like you have it all - a good man, great kids, good job, healthy family. But the truth is .... on the inside you feel torn, lonely, insure. You have been putting up appearances as a couple but behind closed doors, resentments build, the connection is dying, sacrifices torture you, the arguments pile up. You do not know what to do and you feel like you do not have the energy to keep trying to make things better.

Private 1:1 Exclusive VIP Coaching - including:

Relationships Needs Assessment


Let's get started with checking where you are in your life right now! You will receive a in-depth, personalised assessment of your relationships needs in your private life, your professional life and your relationship with yourself, and a personalised strategy to reach your top goals

90 Min Intensive 1:1 Session


To propel you into the love life you crave, you will get an intensive 90 min session with me. We will roll up our sleeves and work on your goals together! Step into your power, potential and passion! And live the life you dream of so your kids can be inspired by you to do the same. 

10 Weekly Private 1:1 Sessions


We know you have been craving to feel loved, adored and be pampered. So you are impatient to get all you truly deserve. And to make that happen, you will receive high level coaching with Polya every week for 10 weeks. 

Polya will take you through her research-based, tested and proven 7 STEP SIGNATURE PROGRAMME. This programme will change your world and elevate your love life as it has done for our clients, and for Polya herself. Yes, as a working mom of three, Polya uses the techniques and tools in this programme to keep up the connection and intimacy with her partner, Josef, and to live with passion, pleasure and playfulness 


Unlimited Voxer Access to Polya


We know that you may have questions after the sessions, things can come up, and you may need to get quick support. That is why we are including unlimited access to Polya via Voxer (the walkie-talkie to your coach) for the duration of the programme and 30 days after. 

Now we know you have friends, and we know that sometimes they give you advice on what to do in your relationship. But the truth is, your friends are often in similar situations like you.  And often they do not have the right tools to help you.   Now you will be able to quickly reach out to Polya and get the understanding, clarity and support you deserve. So you will be in safe hands with us. EVERY DAY.

Imagine …

You feel valued and treasured by your partner every day. He puts you first, understands you needs. He tells you how amazing you are as a life partner, as a parent, as a trusted friend, as a lover, as a muse. 

You and your partner have such great connection, you do not even need words to know how you feel, and when you speak, you feel completely heard and understood. You feel free to express yourself, experiment, be playful, adventurous. You have new routines that make time for YOU, and for YOUR LOVE LIFE. 

You are a strong, united parents team, always have each other backs in front of the kids, share responsibilities with ease and support each other. Your home is so light, safe, filled with love and compassion. Your friends and family admire you as a couple and come to you for advice. 

This is what this Private 1:1 Exclusive VIP Coaching is designed to give you 

IF you are ready for it

Here is how it works:

  • You will receive high level coaching from Polya Rosin, an experienced, certified coach who has been trained by the best and the brightest and has achieved incredible results for the love life of dozens and dozens of clients, just like you, and will work with you to get you the love life you deserve and desire. You can work with Polya online via Zoom or if you are in Sweden, you will meet Polya in person
  • You will become free and confident to be authentic and playful in your love life so you can experience more pleasure, satisfaction and deeper connection with your partner
  • You will let go of limitations so you can set up healthy relationship habits and fun routines so you can always be a priority in your man's life, have time and energy for yourself and your partner, and be the best role model for satisfying relationships for your kids and the next generations

Step into the powerful and irresistible person you truly are and create the love life you deserve!

Schedule your private complimentary call with Polya today to see if this programme is the right fit for you and give you the support, love and care you desire. 

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Group Coaching with Polya - including:

Private 1:1 Coaching Call

Kick-start your new love life with your very own exclusive private session with Polya, where she will focus on your goals for your love  life, your family and guide you to your potential to achieve them.

Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Twice a month, Polya will be there for you and the group to answer all your burning questions so you will receive customised high level coaching and personalised support.

Six Must Have Relationships Training Modules

These 6modules will take you through a step by step process to becoming a priority for your spouse. You will learn how to create routines that make time for you and your needs, reignite the passion and playfulness in your love life, build healthy intimacy, align your parenting styles with your partner so you can be a united parents team and a role model couple for your kids, your friends and your community. 

Exclusive Private Facebook Group

You will have 24/7 access to a high-vibe Private Facebook Community full of high achieving moms, like you,  from all around the globe, who also dreaming about being a priority in their spouses' lives, getting fabulous surprises, having a love life filled with passion, pleasure and playfulness, and blessed with a healthy, happy family. In the group you can learn from other mums, like you, be inspired by their success and have safe space to be yourself.

Do you love the high vibe and compassion of a supportive group?

Group Coaching with Polya is the right fit for you IF: 

  • You are a high achiever, perfectionist parent, who craves more intimacy, passion and support in your love life 
  • You are amazing at what you do and have all the skill sets but need the building blocks for intimacy, passion and supportive connection to put in place healthy new habits and routines that help you achieve your relationship goals
  • You are fully committed to doing whatever is takes to achieve the passionate, fulfilling love life you desire

Schedule your private complimentary call with Polya today to see if this unique group coaching will support you in having the success and satisfaction that you crave.

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Unique Holistic Relationships Needs Assessment - including


Let's find out what is really going on with you, where you are and where you would like to be

You will complete a comprehensive assessment of your relationships so we can get to know you better.


Now that we have the data, let's make sense if it. We will look at the assessment together and talk about how you feel, what you desire, how you can be a priority in your love life.  You will do this in a 

90 min intensive 1:1 session with Polya


And now it is time to get in action. And to help you kick-start your dream love life, you will receive a personalised strategy and plan, which you can use right now and for the next three weeks to move further to your goals. 

How does it work?

1) Order your Personalised Relationships Needs Assessment now

2) Book your time with Polya for your 90 min intensive 1:1 session

3) Receive your personalised strategy and action plan. 

We cannot wait to see your success and celebrate with you! 


I want the Relationships Assessment & Strategy

Let's do this now!


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A unique holistic assessment of the key relationships in your life: the relationship to yourself (key for your health), your personal relationships (key to your happiness) and your professional relationships (the success factor for your wealth).  Includes assessment, intensive 90 min 1:1 session with Polya and a personalised strategy you can implement right now to start achieving your relationships goals. 

Clients Success Stories

“When I met Polya I could not even bring myself to talk about the state of my relationship and impending divorce. I had many fears about how this will impact my child and our lives. In my conversations with Polya, I felt safe and understood. She has the ability to see what you need and really hear you. She was an incredible source of inspiration and motivation, as she lives and breathes everything she teaches… I feel so proud of my life now! Both my child and I are happy and pursuing are passions! If you find yourself in need of support and a positive change, talk to Polya! Invest in yourself!”  

 - A. Dragnea

"I always feel extremely empowered after talking to Polya to take control of my life choices and goals!"

- I. Guarin

“Polya was very good at understanding the issues I was going through and to provide me with easy tools to address them. Every time we spoke, I felt like I learned something new and useful to improve my relationships at home, at work and elsewhere. I would totally recommend having her as a coach!”  

 - A. Nilsson

"The session with Polya was great, I felt like I needed to talk to someone outside my family/friends and to get a different perspective on myself and my work/relationship situation. I feel more confident now to try this new strategy. I think I sometimes need this push and a little guidance so I can keep going and achieving goals step by step. Polya helped me realise I do not need to get stuck in my mind and  to look instead at the situation from a different perspective." 

- K. Juskaite

 “I had the great pleasure of meeting Polya in my capacity as VP Events for PWN Stockholm. Polya was a speaker for one of our network’s events, a motivational lecture focused on identifying and removing obstacles preventing us from achieving our goals. Already weeks before, we had corresponded to coordinate the event – she has been one of the most professional, knowledgeable and inspiring people I have interacted with. 

The event was an interactive workshop and our attendees really connected with Polya  – the participants were so engaged by the end of the event that they stayed until closing time discussing the lecture, and we continued to receive praise from the participants for days afterwards. As an event organizer I highly recommend Polya; her positive energy and genuinely motivating message have brought great value to our members and made real impact in our lives."   - N. Bonagas

"I run a positively focused mental health support group for women, and one of the key struggles facing them is forming meaningful relationships as an adult. Polya came and gave a 90 minute talk and workshop to the group that was not only jam-packed with actionable knowledge and expert tips but used the real-life experiences of the group members to illustrate points and give individual help.

As a speaker, Polya was confident, reliable, and professional. She quite clearly cares about making a real difference in people's lives and it shines through, giving her talk a deep authenticity that was a pleasure to be involved in. Workshop participant's left the talk with a very actionable '90-day challenge' to work on, and even took some of Polya's teachings to use right then and there by inviting each other out for coffee after the talk. This might sound like a small thing, but was huge for some of the participants.

I will absolutely be inviting Polya back as a speaker. I feel that I can trust her to follow through on plans, be sensitive to other's needs, and most importantly: take care of my group wholeheartedly."

- S. Russell

“Working with Polya after my divorce has been a blessing. When I met her I was often feeling shame, low self-esteem and sadness. She helped me embrace myself and make the best of my life. I am finally enjoying who I am, with my virtues, perfections, and imperfections. I strongly recommend you to work with her and see your wishes come true!” 

- R. Fernandez

"I had a great experience with Polya as a coach. 

I was hesitant with regards to my career path after the parental leave when I met with Polya. She was very supportive and helped me to identify what is truly important for me at the job. It helped me to take the decision and feel comfortable and confident about it. Thank you, Polya!" 

- E. Monnot

"I first met Polya in a small business event and ever since the first time we spoke I felt a connection between us. There's just something so calm and beautiful about her that makes me want to talk to her and tell her everything about myself. She really cares and tries to  help you in any way possible. I think every person needs someone like Polya in their life!"

- A. Balnione

"Compassionate and professional is what comes to mind when I think about Polya Rosin. I had the pleasure of meeting her about a year ago through our international business coaching program and have come to know her as a master in her intuitive abilities when collaborating as a business associate and with her clients. I am particularly impressed by Polya’s ability to mentor and support her clients effortlessly with compassion when they are experiencing stress as the result of any life changing event. That skill often takes years to develop among relationship professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her. It has been obvious to me that Polya sincerely cares about changing lives and making a difference one client, one relationship at a time. No matter how difficult the situation Polya has the methods and the solutions to resolve it with authentic patience and understanding. As a speaker Polya has demonstrated her knowledge and expertise with confidence and poise, delivering masterful life changing tips and techniques that anyone could apply immediately. 

As a business associate, speaker and client Polya Rosin earns my highest recommendation."

- P. Allen

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