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Well, yes, there are plenty of free resources online about relationships, marriage, passion, intimacy. So how do you know, which advice is the right one for you and your situation? And how do you turn generic online stuff into personalised effective advice? That is where a private, 1:1 consultation comes in handy. And yes, there are plenty of coaches, therapists, psychologists..... So how do you know who is the best match for you? That is where a private, 1:1 call comes in handy :) Let's talk and see how you can apply the free presents from me to get more passion, connection and intimacy in your relationship, and to see if Polya is the right coach for you. 

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How To Have Stress-Free Holidays with Family

Stress-free holidays family Coaching by Polya Rosin Couples therapy Married with kids Relationships

Ah, well, there is nothing like family to.... get on your nerves and push your buttons during the holidays season. So how do you survive and thrive during your vacation? 

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Build Deeper Connection. Have More Satisfaction

Passion Intimacy Connection Coaching Polya Rosin Couples therapy Married with kids Relationships

A relationship is either growing or dying. You decide. And every day you have  the opportunity to build deeper connection.

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