From divorce to helping hundreds have the love they desire


Desperate for Love

Before I was a top-ranked relationship coach. Before my leading 7 step signature programme to transform love lives from mediocre to magnificent. Before the dozens of happy clients. Before my own happy family and a man who adores me…there was a “yes” girl.

Eager to please.

Desperate for approval.

That girl was me.


Marriage, Divorce & a Thousand Little Missteps…

I didn’t have a smooth ride into marriage and motherhood. 

While my graduate degrees and high powered corporate days saw me launching successful projects for the European Commission, and flexing my scientific muscles teaching the leading public health professionals…

I was still unhappy, lonely. Ou, I was married, a great man. A man my family approved of. I did what they wanted from me. I got good education. I got a good job. I got married to a good man. I had an amazing baby boy. And yet, I did not feel loved. My early days of motherhood were filled with tears and internal struggles, aiming to please everyone.. but I knew that something was missing...

The first few years were rough.

I didn’t feel that was what love and life should look like. I wanted more. And most of all, I wanted to stop feeling that giant rock on my chest and start to feel free. And when my husband and I started to argue, when I started to constantly blame him for my unhappiness, even though I knew he is doing everything right... That is when I knew, it was me. I had to change something. I had to find myself. 

I had to stop putting everyone else’s big dreams ahead of my own.

So I took a final stand.

And with the help of coaching, I ended my marriage and started to work on myself. And it was not easy....

There I was, causing pain to people I care about. Disappointing my family. Feeling like a failure. 

And yet, I knew. It was the right thing to do. 

Long hours spent in front of the screen, in coaching, reading, exploring, dancing, dating. I spent the next few years, embracing who I am and finding out what love really means to me. Until I learnt how to love myself. 

And with time and dance, I was finally ready for love. 

I put my wish on a paper and got to work - to manifest my dream man, my dream relationship, my dream family.  

It took a year, and it came true. To the letter! 

And here we are, two more kids, a happy untraditional, bonus family. 

And the work continues. 

Every day. 

Because I believe that your relationship is either growing or dying

Every day. 


you have the power to decide which one it is. 

It was not easy at first. But with all the knowledge I have gathered, all the pain overcome, all the skills I acquired, and with my coaching certification at the Robbins-Madanes school, 

I found my own way to daily happiness, deep connection and passion. To being put first, to having my needs met, to receiving love and giving love freely, being who I am. To inspiring him to reach his full potential, go out there and win it! To being inspired and supported to reach for my dreams and start my own business, and fulfil my wish to help other women who feel they are not loved, they are not a priority, who struggle to keep the passion and connection. 

What happened next?


I discovered that building my own "happy and passionate ever after" was NOT at odds with helping others achieve their own 

That they were in fact two sides of the same coin. So I doubled down and learned how to apply what I have learned to helping other high achieving women, other moms, like you to:

  • Tap into your passion & have fun with your partner
  • Build healthy routines and make time for yourself and your partner
  • Create a deeper connection so your partner puts you and your needs first 

So you can have your own "happy and passionate ever after", especially with kids and demanding jobs


I discovered how to optimise my 7 STEP SIGNATURE PROGRAMME so that I would never have to feel lonely, misunderstood, unappreciated or hide who I really am and I truly want

And best of all…

I’ve had the honor of learning from the best and the brightest in the field and applying my 7 STEP SIGNATURE PROGRAMME to helping dozens of couples and moms, like you, put behind years of struggle, resentment, compromises and sacrifices, and build amazing relationships


Action by action with passion


Over the years, I’ve developed a reputation for living "in action", getting exactly what I want and teaching things “action-by-action” so my clients get exactly what they want 

Not just step by step, not just wishing, dreaming, living with affirmations but actually getting in action so you can manifest your desires and make them your reality.

Working with me is high vibe,  going into the nitty gritty details that give you the confidence to build amazing, passionate, deep connection with your partner.

I’ve shown my clients only how to live happily ever after but how to DO IT BETTER than that and be a priority for their spouses, have satisfaction, intimacy, playfulness.

And most important of all

I guide my clients to be the best role models for their kids, their friends and their community. Kids learn from what we do, NOT from what we say. So if you want your children to be loved, to have healthy intimate relationships and be valued and appreciated by their friends, future spouse and work colleagues - you need to start doing that now. You need to live the life you want your kids to have. You need to show them with you actions what loving, rewarding, healthy marriage and relationships look like.

Are you ready to take the REAL, momentum-building action steps for building the relationship that you desire?

If I hear one more person say the old phrase “marriage requires compromises and sacrifices”, I might just whip out the biggest pan in our kitchen and summon the strongest man in the world to do my bidding.

Because I know you’re ready to put others first - the kids come first, your home, your spouse, pretending to be a super happy couple, posting "perfect family" pictures online and pushing down how you really feel and what you truly desire. 

Such compromises and sacrifices make you suffer. They kill your essence.

And I know you know you cannot live or love that way. And you cannot allow your kids to have this as their role model. 

That’s why you’re here.

That’s why you’ve invested REAL hours, tears and work trying to make this whole relationship thing pay off.

By reading this, you’ve proven that you’re willing to DO the work – you just want to make absolutely sure you’re doing the RIGHT work at the RIGHT time.

And feel confident that every bit of effort you invest will pay off 100x.

Take the first step