Hi, I am Polya and this is for you who look for relationships coaching

I support high achieving moms and dads to reignite and keep the passion, intimacy and connection with their partner

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Most Common Mistakes Married Couples Make


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Cheat Sheet for Stress-Free Holidays with Family


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How To Build Deeper Connection with Your Partner


Get this free relationships coaching master class now and learn how to align your family values and vision so you can work together as a team, how to communicate with your spouse on a deeper level so you can be understood and appreciated. 

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Clients Success Stories

“When I met Polya I could not even bring myself to talk about the state of my relationship and impending divorce. I had many fears about how this will impact my child and our lives. In my conversations with Polya, I felt safe and understood. She has the ability to see what you need and really hear you. She was an incredible source of inspiration and motivation, as she lives and breathes everything she teaches… I feel so proud of my life now! Both my child and I are happy and pursuing are passions! If you find yourself in need of support and a positive change, talk to Polya! Invest in yourself!”  
-A. Dragnea

"I always feel extremely empowered after talking to Polya to take control of my life choices and goals!"

-I. Guarin

 “Polya was very good at understanding the issues I was going through and to provide me with easy tools to address them. Every time we spoke, I felt like I learned something new and useful to improve my relationships at home, at work and elsewhere. I would totally recommend having her as a coach!”  
- A. Nilsson

"The session with Polya was great, I felt like I needed to talk to someone outside my family/friends and to get a different perspective on myself and my work/relationship situation. I feel more confident now to try this new strategy. I think I sometimes need this push and a little guidance so I can keep going and achieving goals step by step. Polya helped me realise I do not need to get stuck in my mind and to look at the situation from a different perspective." 

- K. Juskaite

 “I had the great pleasure of meeting Polya in my capacity as VP Events for PWN Stockholm. Polya was a speaker for one of our network’s events, a motivational lecture focused on identifying and removing obstacles preventing us from achieving our goals. Already weeks before, we had corresponded to coordinate the event – she has been one of the most professional, knowledgeable and inspiring people I have interacted with. 

The event was an interactive workshop and our attendees really connected with Polya  – the participants were so engaged by the end of the event that they stayed until closing time discussing the lecture, and we continued to receive praise from the participants for days afterwards. As an event organizer I highly recommend Polya; her positive energy and genuinely motivating message have brought great value to our members and made real impact in our lives."  
- N. Bonagas

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It does not matter where you are located because you do not even need to get out of your home to be able to work with Polya and use relationships coaching as an alternative to traditional couples therapy and marriage counselling. Most of her clients are from the USA and Europe, and they work with Polya online via Zoom, Skype, What'sApp, Facebook and the good old telephone connection :) 

Want to meet Polya in person in Stockholm, Sweden?

Turning Point, Sigtunagatan 4, 113 22 Stockholm


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday - Sunday: Available only for emergency sessions and urgent support